One of our major goals on the Mars Rover Team is competeing in the University Rover Challenge. The University Rover Challenge (URC) is a yearly competition that features a wide variety of challenges for the rovers that compete. The URC challenges us to design and build the next generation of Mars rovers, with competition tasks ranging from navigating in long distance, collecting samples, and testing the samples. In addition to being able to carry out these tasks, our rover must also fit within certain cost, size, and weight constraints provided by the competition rules. There are four major tasks to the URC: Extreme Retrieval and Delivery Task, Equipment Servicing Task, Science Task, and the Autonomous Traversal Task. To tackle these tasks, we split into specialized subgroups, which you can read more on their specific pages.

Another goal of our team is to provide a unique environment to learn new things and build new skills. We offer education and experience relating to the design, fabrication, and integration of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems. Outside of engineering, the Rover Club aims to offer experience and education relevant to implementation, management, and improvement of industrial systems. Knowledge of other subjects outside of engineering and business, such as geology, chemistry, visual arts, and other topics. Students also have the opportunity to practice and learn some soft skills such as organization, time management, communication, people skills, problem-solving, self-confidence, and more.